Hello, I’mAdriano CastroWeb and Mobile Developer👋🏻 Welcome, this is my website that I use to introduce myself and show my qualities, specialties and my experiences acquired in my journey here as a Jr. developer. Have a great experience and, if you feel comfortable, you can contact me through the social networks below. 😃
ABOUT MEA Little Bit of My Trajectory Until I Became a DeveloperWith an unwavering passion for technology, my journey as a software developer began as a hobby, exploring personal projects. However, it was during the lockdown that I reassessed my professional trajectory and decided to fully dedicate myself to the field, becoming a professional developer. With solid experience in JavaScript and Next.js, coupled with expertise in Firebase as a database, I have forged my path in web development. Currently, I am immersed in my studies of Software Engineering at the University of Franca, strengthening my theoretical and practical foundation. I also highlight the system that I conceived and developed, currently in use by the Ministry of Culture of the State of Minas Gerais (SECULT). This achievement not only demonstrates my technical prowess but also my ability to translate complex requirements into functional and effective solutions. My most recent experience as a developer at SmartHow, a company specialized in digitizing industrial production processes using artificial intelligence, was extremely enriching. There, I had the opportunity to apply my software development skills in a highly innovative context, contributing to the optimization and automation of industrial processes through artificial intelligence. Previously, I was part of the team at Fulltickets, a startup focused on online ticket sales, where I also actively contributed to the development of innovative solutions. Currently, I maintain my intellectual curiosity and constant desire for learning, always seeking new tools and specializations to enhance my practice and expand my professional horizons. My journey as a developer is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, with a continuous commitment to making significant contributions to challenging and impactful projects.
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